Sunday, March 30, 2014

When Ronnie James Dio Joined Black Sabbath...

Post # 280 [Poll Winner-Favorite Replacement Vocalist]

Black Sabbath spent the 1970's establishing themselves as the premier heavy metal band on planet Earth. As friction mounted within the band, the time came when they eventually parted ways with original singer Ozzy Osbourne and searched for a replacement. Having toured with Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, other members were in communication with singer Ronnie James Dio.
Guitarist Tony Iommi and Ronnie got together and worked on some ideas musically. Their collaboration had a good enough vibe that Dio was offered the lead singer spot, and Heaven and Hell- their first album with this new line-up, soon followed. It has stood the test of time as a monumental album in the landscape of 80's heavy metal. The transition gave Sabbath a shot in the arm, and allowed them to get a fresh start at the dawn of a new decade.

Recommended tracks from Heaven and Hell:
-Neon Knights
-Heaven and Hell
-Children of the Sea
-Lady Evil
-Die Young
-Lonely is the Word

Friday, March 28, 2014

Psychopathic Daze- Ride This Bullet Home (EP-2013)

Post #279
At the end of 2013 Psychopathic Daze won the reader's poll contest for Independent Band Of The Year. The Chicago-area quintet therefore earned the primary focus of attention here at Music reviews, concert schedule updates, interviews and more will be covered right here! Today, I'll focus on their latest release on CD & digital formats... music behind the current Independent Band Of The Year is a strain of hardcore metal infused with fury and rage. Released shortly before they won the annual polling contest and claimed that title, their recent EP is entitled Ride This Bullet Home.

For a 4-track EP, this one packs a lot of punch. Thunderous drumming, screamed hardcore vocals, heavy riffs that shred with a razor-like edge, and talented guitar soloing along the way; this Ride will truly strike you like a bullet and leave you enticed to writhe with headbanging urges. The well-refined recording quality of this EP will keep you playing the tracks over and over until you know them by your blood-surging heart!

First track is the title track, 'Ride This Bullet Home'. It strikes me with a Shadows Fall kind of vibe in regards to the riffs, and vocals akin to Lamb Of God. Vocalist Ken Morahan does an excellent job of providing a scream worthy of mention among some of metal's elite hardcore vocalists, then during the choruses guitarist Frank Adamo gives melodic backing vocals. The result is heavy, unyielding sound with some catchy melodies prominent in the mix.

Next comes 'Wicked Hour', which greets your ears with an electric lead guitar intro that buzzes repeatedly in your ears. The riff that follows is a bit slower in tempo but weighted down with so much groove it demands to be moshed to!

The third track is 'Seven', inspired by the seven deadly sins. It is another hardcore, groove metal goliath. Rapid-fire drums make repeated appearances, while the 2-guitar attack keeps the riffs pouring out your speakers. The lyrics remind us of human nature in its darkest primordial state, and how we all fall to temptation and sin at times...

The closing number, 'Moment of Clarity', is where this band eases up on the aggression just a bit and reveal a bit of a softer side. The mood is still dark and melancholic, as the lyrics reflect a bit of soul-searching along with a God-complex that compete within a troubled psyche...

Ride This Bullet Home is a highly recommended EP from Psychopathic Daze. Though there will be many more blog posts centered around them throughout the year, you should add this CD to your collection soon to better appreciate what all the buzz is about.

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Blog Update: Hiatus for Reader's Polls

Post # 278

My apologies for those of you who always look forward to the monthly reader's polls I've often featured. I've taken a break from posting polls since last December to allow for a busy schedule. I will soon get around to reviewing the recent poll-winners that I have fallen behind on, and once I get caught back up I will resume posting an interesting question about metal music or artists at that point.

I'll let this hiatus continue for a couple more months, but anticipate the reader's polls to resume this coming summer. Until then, enjoy the blog posts and reviews I have planned. Several requested reviews from independent artists across the globe are in progress, and they should keep you intrigued about discovering new and different metal music for the near future.

Have patience, and the reader's polls will return in due time. Until then, Happy Headbanging!