Thursday, April 21, 2016

Motionless In White-Reincarnate (2014)

Post #327

Motionless In White are a newer hardcore, alternative metal band from Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Reincarnate is their third full-length release and they exhibit a lethal combination of hardcore, melodic, and alternative metal elements. Their mix of sounds includes a strong presence of synthetic elements (keyboards, digital percussion, vocal effects, etc...), and they end up sounding like a blend of metalcore and nu-metal. The vocal styles present on this album range from melodic to hardcore in about a 50/50 ratio. During their most melodic phases they may be comparable to a heavier Breaking Benjamin. When they go hardcore they perhaps sound more like the heavier side of All That Remains. In the end I find they are quite comparable to Marilyn Manson- they employ the horror-like gothic stage makeup as well.

The songs here are a powerful collection of riffs and songcraft. There is the added benefit of numerous guest appearances on this album too. Vocals by Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth) and Maria Brink (In This Moment) can be heard and former Marilyn Manson member Tim Skold is here as well.

Recommended Tracks:
-Puppets 3 (Grand Finale) -featuring Dani Filth
-Contemptress- featuring Maria Brink
-Dark Passenger (this is a melodic metalcore number, a bit of a different offering.)
-Wasp (this song is more of a dark ballad- haunting and frightening melodies underlay a tragic romance)
-Final Dictvm-featuring Tim Skold
-Carry the Torch