Friday, June 20, 2008

HappyHeadbanger online radio premiers!

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Hey there readers, tired of browsing through my endless babble of heavy metal in dull, boring silence? Well, now those days are over! To hear free, online radio, with a play-list modeled after my own suggestions, simply click the link at the bottom of this blog and click "play this station". You may need to create a free account with in order to hear the music, but at least now you can all bang your heads while you read.

I plan to continue to add all my suggested artists, albums, and songs to the play-list over the next few weeks. Keep listening as HappyHeadbanger Radio evolves! Enjoy!

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Paul and said...

Hey regards your list of albums - those are all good, and all but perhaps Dylan got serious airtime. Rush in the early years let people who didn't huff Raid listen to metal.