Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thoughts on "Favorite 2009 Album" poll.

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2009 was such a great year for Heavy Metal & Hard Rock music. I could list a couple pages' worth of albums to include in this poll, but I tried to stick to some that I personally found most essential and/or successful. This was a hard decission to make, however. So, before any of you get up-in-arms about any occlusions, please remember you can always vote for 'other', and I welcome comments if you'd like to elaborate on your decission.

One rule of thumb that I used to help narrow down the list was not to include any album I have already reviewed. Here are some great '09 releases you can already read my reviews of on this blog:
Shallow Life-Lacuna Coil
The Devil You Know-Heaven & Hell
Black Gives Way to Blue-Alice In Chains

Also, here are the 'honorable mentions' that I decided against after much internal debate:
No Sacrifice, No Victory-HammerFall
Earthsblood-God Forbid
Wrath-Lamb of God
Scream-Chris Cornell
American Soldier-Queensryche
Horehound-The Dead Weather
Anomaly-Ace Frehley
The Dethalbum II-Dethklok
Memento Mori-Flyleaf
The Days of Grays-Sonata Arctica
Life Starts Now-Three Days Grace
Dear Agony-Breaking Benjamin
Retribution-Shadows Fall

So you can see, I had a great deal of good releases to select from. I try not to let any of my polls get into double-digits of options, so I hope the list that is up is good enough for most of you. Happy voting!

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Unknown said...

My "other" choices were the new Shadow's Fall and (although they are technically hard rock not metal) Strange Cousins From the West by Clutch.