Sunday, July 17, 2011

Losing Scarlet-Learning to Bleed

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Every so often a CD comes around that I just can't get enough of. These are the albums that live in my CD player for months on end. You know this kind of album: the one that just grabs you and you can keep playing it over and over and never get tired of it. I've had this experience several times, when I'll listen to the same CD on a daily basis week after week. In the past it's happen with albums like GN'R's 'Appetite for Destruction', Pantera's 'Far Beyond Driven', System of a Down's 'Mezmerize'... Well, this summer it's happened to me again. The album that did it this time: Learning to Bleed by Losing Scarlet.

Losing Scarlet have held strong to their signature sound they established on their self-titled 2009 debut, but Learning to Bleed sounds like a much stronger, crisper, and more established effort. It's not that they've done anything different on this album, I just think they do what they do much better this time around. The recording quality seems a couple notches higher to my ears as well. As you listen to this album, it flows really well from one song to the next. Each song seems to add a slightly different element or effect to their repertoire.

Overall I can still describe their sound as the half-way point between Evanescence and Disturbed. So if you have checked out Losing Scarlet's first CD and found it enjoyable, then don't wait another second and pick up a copy of Learning to Bleed today! Here are my recommended track to get you started:
-Learning to Bleed
-Halo of Stone (My personal favorite. This song rocks hard with a lot of attitude.)
-Dick Whiskey (Their first single from this album, with a cool video on youtube!)
-Kiss the Guilt Away (Melodic segments mixed with some fast-paced thrashing!)
-Afterglow (The closing number is perhaps the best example of Losing Scarlet expanding their horizons. A softer, slower number, but still electric. Lyrics are introspective and full of emotion, describing the aftermath of a failed relationship.)

(Click the album cover above to visit the band's website to order your CD, check for upcoming shows, and join the band's mailing list!)

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Dan Braasch said...

cYou described it exactly! The second album is just crisper with more punch and better flow, although I do like several songs from the first album. This one has been in my CD player since I bought it.