Friday, November 30, 2012

Approaching Dawn (A.D.)-Evolution of Reality (2012)

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It seems there is never a shortage of talented local metal bands in Chicagoland. Approaching Dawn (A.D.) are a new band from the far-northwest suburban area that are tearing things up as of late. A recent top-three contestant in the Eff'n Rock Radio battle-of-the-bands, they are out to make a name for themselves in the Chicago music scene and beyond.

Their self-produced debut album, Evolution Of Reality, is now available for purchase at A.D. hit you instantly with 100% aggressive metal on the lead track, '21st Century Darkside', and there's no letting up from there. Their style is a purist form of hard-edged thrash metal, very much akin to the likes of Lamb of God or DevilDriver. The tempo and riffs they employ are so tight you practically find yourself headbanging without noticing you had even started.

Vocalist Keroin Dawn emulates the style of Lamb of God's Randy Blythe, delivering lyrics with a rage held in perfect check. Though delivered with hardcore aggression, melody is not forgotten. Just when it seems the music is destined to be a one-dimensional riff loop, the band cuts to a melodic chorus. A.D.'s lyrics focus on themes that reflect on current times, and the struggles they provide. Whether the conflict is an internal struggle, or a venting rage at society's imperfections, you always feel the emotion behind the words.

There are a couple songs where A.D. take a few minutes to provide a melodic intro, before they return to their heavy, groove-driven formula. 'Copy of a Space', my favorite track, is one such song. Another is 'Madness Fable'. In any case, Evolution of Reality is a good collection of aggressive, riff and groove driven metal. Check it out on their Facebook Page and download it for yourself.

Recommended tracks:
-21st Century Darkside
-Evolution of Reality (This one has a breakdown riff that reminds of Pantera's classic 'A New Level')
-Victim Farm (Great guitar soling on this one!)
-Copy of a Space (Really cool intro. My favorite track!)
-Madness Fable (Another more melodic intro to a great, heavy song)
-Syndrome (Speedy, metalcore riffage here. Reminds me a bit of Bullet For My Vaneltine, or A7X)

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