Monday, January 21, 2013

Metallica Inauguration 2013

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As winners in the Heavy Metal Madness tournament of 2012, Metallica also have won the title of this blog's symbolic president. Now it is time for their inauguration.

For 2012, Metallica enjoyed a mix of current success and nostalgia for some of their past releases. Beyond Magnetic, an EP of some left-over songs from the Death Magnetic sessions were finished up and released in early 2012. In the summer, they headlined their own music festival: Orion Music + More. Over 30 bands in 2 nights, Metallica headlined both nights, playing the entire 'Black Album' on one night, and Ride the Lightning on the other. These performances can be downloaded through the catalog page. They are the June 23 and 24 dates in Atlantic City, NJ.

They have also begun work on their next full-length album, to follow-up Death Magnetic. No release date is set, but with the direction they've been heading recently, it should not disappoint fans, new or old.

So Metallica will take the lead in the world of metal music again in 2013. Orion Music + More will return, this time in Detroit, MI. WWW.HAPPYHEADBANGER.COM will follow them here as well. Their 2-year term begins now! So dig your way to something better, get back which used to be, sell your soul to me- I will set you free- pacify your demons, when we start to rock we will never stop again!

Enjoy some music from Metallica!
-Hit the Lights
-Disposable Heroes
-The Frayed Ends of Sanity
-Holier Than Thou
-The Outlaw Torn
-Whiskey in the Jar
- (-) Human
-The Unnamed Feeling
-All Nightmare Long
-Hate Train

Happy Headbanging!

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