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As is traditional, I take a moment to interview the Independent Band of the Year after they have won the reader's poll. I might be a little behind schedule this year, but I did finally get around to asking some questions of this year's talented winner: Fist To The Sky. Vocalist/Bassist Mickey Murder responded on the band's behalf. Here's what he had to say:

HappyHeadbanger: How did you guys form Fist To The Sky?

Mickey Murder: Flipp and I are brothers, so we've been playing together for as long as I can remember. After a couple years we started looking for a second guitarist. That search lasted about ten minutes, Haha! We called up our cousin, Hollywood, and he loved the idea of joining up. The three of us knew what we wanted to do, the music we wanted to write and we all loved writing together. We eventually became Fist To The Sky in 2008.

HH: And how did you come up with that name for the band?

MM: Actually the name came from a lyric in one of the very first songs we wrote for the band. We don't play the song anymore, but we loved the idea of a band name. To us it means strength, and standing together, which is exactly what we and our fans do. There's just something very uniting about it, and it fits the band perfectly.

HH: I hear similarities to Avenged Sevenfold in your sound and have drawn some comparisons in my reviews of your music. Is that similarity intentional or coincidental?

MM: They, as well as countless other bands, are a big influence. We don't model our music after anyone else's, we just write what we think sounds kick-ass. We make music that we love to listen to.

HH: What other bands do you consider as influences or inspirations?

MM: For the modern stuff I'd say bands like Trivium, Bullet for My Valentine, Disturbed, etc. And of course, the classics like Metallica, Maiden, The Beatles. You can learn something new every time you listen to them.

HH: What is the farthest from home you have played a show?

MM: The farthest show was in St. Paul, MN at a place called Dean's Tavern.

HH: Who are your favorite bands?

MM: For me personally, Disturbed (can't wait for them to get back together!), Nine Inch Nails (can't wait for their new record!) and Alexisonfire (RIP)/City and Colour.

HH: What is your favorite movie?

MM: I'd have to go with Natural Born Killers. Classic.

HH: What's your favorite book?

MM: Harry Potter collection. Completely brilliant, doesn't matter who or how old you are.

HH: Do you have plans to play any shows coming up this Spring/Summer?

MM: Oh yeah! We are going to be playing with Bullet For My Valentine and Halestorm on May 22nd at The Rave in Milwaukee, WI. For ticket information just go to - This show will be off the hook! Some other plans are secret for the moment. Updates will be all over our website as well as our facebook page: very soon.

HH: Any concert tours you're looking forward to as fans?

MM: Device, David Draiman of Disturbed's new band, is going to be on tour this year, which should be a great show. I know I'll be there!

Thanks for giving FTTS this interview!

HH: You're very welcome! It sounds like you have an exciting summer planned ahead. Can't wait to see you guys live when I get a chance!

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