Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Fist To The Sky-Forever We Will Stand (2013)

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Fist to the Sky have been hard at work this past year. Not only have they been playing shows all over the midwest, but they also recorded and released a new EP featuring 4 new songs exhibiting their style of modern melodic heavy metal. As I've said before with the music of Fist To The Sky; fans of Avenged Sevenfold should pay attention to this band!

Their new EP is entitled Forever We Will Stand. It contains 4 newly recorded tracks that rock and thrash in the style that Fist to the Sky have established with their previous releases. The first track, the title track, is a classic of FTTS metal. Heavy Hooks and catchy vocal melodies make this an easy song to get into. Drummer JD adds a few hardcore screams, making this one of the heaviest Fist to the Sky songs I've heard to date.

Next up is 'Dagger in the Heart of the World'. This is another heavy number, with plenty of sharp-tongued lyrics as it is set in the context of an on-again-off-again would-be break-up song. Still, the riffs are heavy, and the guitar soloing is solid. Additionally they add a little minor-key piano melodies at a couple breaks in the song; sounding a bit like Avenged Sevenfold's 'A Little Piece of Heaven'. All are elements that long-time fans have come to expect for this band.

'Count Your Blessings' is a little slower tempo, but still heavy and brutal. Transcending from guilt to redemption, the lyrics are inspiring. Lead guitar appregios during the verses display some influence from classic metal acts like Iron Maiden. A highlight guitar solo is one of my favorite moments of this entire EP.

The fourth track is untitled, or 'Untitled'. It is a bit of a step outside the box for Fist to the Sky. Primarily a piano driven track, with some clean and dark guitar chords setting a melancholic tone throughout. Again, this one is a slow-tempo, dark and ominous anti-ballad. A soft moment of the EP, but still dark in its tone, and ominously haunting in the end.

This is a well rounded effort by Fist to the Sky, and for only four tracks they give you a little taste of everything they have to offer. Definitely worth the couple buck it would be to download. Visit their website here to download it for yourself:

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