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Iotunn- The Wizards Fall (EP-2016)

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Iotunn are a metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark. I don't add them to any subgenre of metal off the top of my head, and their own page cites 'all the history of metal' as their influence. Indeed there are several styles you can hear them drawing from by just listening to one song. Perhaps the closest style you could put them in is power metal, but they have an edgier sound than a stereotypical power metal band. They do not quite approach the extremity of 'hardcore' metal, and although they're close to thrash, their music contains a few lighter elements so that's why I leave them as undifferentiated 'metal'.

The Wizard Falls is Iotunn's debut EP. It is also produced by Flemming Rasmusson, renowned for his production work on some of Metallica's early albums. Right away the title track gives you an impression of their sound: deep heavy riffs, soaring lead guitars, and a clean vocal style to match. The next couple tracks follow pretty much the same formula, but the last track, Frost, has a melodic, clean guitar intro and a more progressive song structure that shows more versatility from Iotunn.

For an independent release the production on this EP is fantastic. Each and every track is dripping with quality. Their sound is powerful, but infused with elegance and sophistication. If there is anything to hold them back from major success in the near future, I don't hear it. Check out this band. Stream this EP on their website or social media pages, download the tracks or buy it on CD. You will thank me for it.

My top recommendations from The Wizard Falls:
-The Wizard Falls
-Hammer of Injustice

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And here's a little bonus. Their documentary of the making of this EP (with English subtitles).

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