Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Rust In Peace

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Megadeth. Rust In Peace. This is probably the best Metal album ever recorded (imho). I've never been able to compare another heavy metal recording to this one and say, hands down, it is better. Even the often glorified Master of Puppets, by Metallica I cannot bring myself to say tops this one. Ever since 1990 I've been waiting for Dave Mustaine to put out a Megadeth record more intense than this one, and I'm still waiting. The recent rocordings "The World Needs a Hero", "The System Has Failed", and "United Abominations" have been progressing in this direction. Mustaine seems to have pointed his band in a direction toward the ferocious tempo and unyielding thrash that it turned away from after RIP, and these albums should be given a lot of credit for this. However at this point, the level at which I regard "Rust In Peace" might never be surpassed. In the context of Megadeth's back-catalog it is the clear peak of their career. I do concede that "Countdown to Extinction" was more successful comercially, but RIP will alway be the most classic of Megadeth albums to me.

Recommended Tracks:
-Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
-Hangar 18
-Tornado of Souls
-Poison Was the Cure
-Rust in Peace... Polaris

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