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When it comes to thrash metal, I often will say either Metallica or Megadeth are the best around (depending on which one has a newer CD out at any given time). But there are times when I must consider Anthrax for this title as well. Every now & then I get back into all my Anthrax CDs and just listen to several of them for a couple weeks straight on my daily commute. Whether its Belladonna or John Bush on vocals doesn't matter to me, I like them both! (although I probably lean toward JB...) When I get in that mood, you'd ask me who's the best thrash-band, I'd tell you Anthrax. In the late 80's they had as much "crunch" in their sound as Metallica, and in the early 90's stayed truer to their thrash roots. So check them out! If you like a bit of high-pitch screaming vocals- try the Belladonna-Era work ('85-'91); for a rougher sounding vocal with a bit of growl- go for the John Bush-Era ('93-...).

The only question for the future of Anthrax is who will sing on their next recording?!? Bush stepped down to allow the Belladonna reunion tour in '05, but has said he doesn't want back in; Belladonna was let go after the reunion tour so the spot seems vacant. Rumors speculate big names like Corey Taylor & Phil Anselmo may take the job.... I just hope they figure it out soon 'cause I want more Anthrax! (even if they just do an EP w/ Scott Ian barking all the vocals, that'd be cool.)

Another appeal of some of Anthrax's music that is stronger than most of their peers is their tendency to have meaningful themes in their songs. Anthrax have often been outspokenly against racism & censorship. Songs like "Schism" and "Keep It In The Family" are probably among the best songs against racism in metal, and there is no better song to protest censorship than "Startin' Up a Posse". They have always tried to keep some current social issues in their music, and should be remembered for it.

On a less serious note, they have also written a number of songs about some of their favorite Stephen King novels*. (I also happen to love reading Stephen King, so discovering these songs was a real treat for me). Aside from the noted songs in my following recommendations, "Misery Loves Company" was also inspired by an SK novel (guess which one!)

My recommended...
Sound of White Noise (1993)
Among the Living (1987)
Persistence of Time (1991)
The Greater of Two Evils (2004)
We've Come For You All (2003)

Metal Thrashing Mad
In My World
Among the Living* (Based on The Stand)
Caught In A Mosh
A Skeleton In The Closet* (based on "Apt Pupil" from Different Seasons)
What Doesn't Die
Poison My Eyes
Black Lodge
Armed and Dangerous
American Pompeii
Intro to Reality/Belly of the Beast
Got the Time
Startin' Up A Posse
I Am The Law
Madhouse (this one appears in Guitar Hero II as well!)

(* Lyrics inspired by Stephen King novels)

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