Friday, October 2, 2009

...2 Years and Counting....

Post #71
Another year is in the books for this blog! I hope you've enjoyed reading the reviews I write. As always, I'm open to suggestions, so don't be shy when it comes to posting comments. I will try to keep up with new releases in rock & metal music as it comes out, but a little prodding might influence the direction of this blog, or even my taste & appreciation for different music artists.

My general plans for the future of this blog are pretty much the same. I think the routine I've established works well enough for me and my busy schedule. If there's something you think needs improvement, or you have a new idea of something you'd like to see or read about, again just let me know.

Here are some specific ideas/topics I'd like to review in the coming year:
1-More concert reviews. Weather its a show I've seen recently, or from several years ago, I enjoy the nostalgic revisiting of those events. Memories of those shows provide a great deal of specific music, emotions and events to be inspired by. I first started attending rock concerts in 1997, and I've seen my fair share of concerts over the years since then.

2-Little by little, I hope to finish reviewing the entire careers of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. I have only managed to cover the most recent work of these two heavy metal icons, and their level of influence in the genre merits an in-depth review. I'll probably work my way through this task in smaller segments, rather than one huge post spanning their whole career.

3-Catching up on the ever-growing list of "coming soon" topics. On this list you can see what I've been listening to lately, its just a matter of finding time to compose the reviews. I'll keep working on them, I promise! I do try to work from the top down, but I sometimes get on a good kick with a particular band or album & crank out the review much quicker.

Lastly let me ask all my readers to contact me with any poll ideas you may have. I'm trying keep on pace with the monthly polls, but new ideas are appreciated!


Rene said...

Its the first time i am looking at your blog. I am always at HEAVY METAL ADDICTION BLOG done by Steve. I realy like what i am reading on your blog man. Realy cool.

headbanger_71369 said...

Thanks for commenting. I like that HM Addiction blog too- glad I found it... Hope you keep reading mine as well. I will always have a monthly poll to vote on, so check frequently! Enjoy!