Friday, June 24, 2011

CELLOUT-Superstar Prototype

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Hailing from Sweden, melodic metal band Cellout have released their debut album, Superstar Prototype, on Nuerra Records. With their own style of melodic metal, they are making a conscious move away from the stereotype of most metal bands that hail from Sweeden, in that their vocal style intentionally avoids the more extreme screaming and shreiking style typically found with Sweedish death-metal.

Superstar Prototype is an album of pure melodic metal. Simple as that sounds, it is truly the best way to describe it. Their songs are built upon pure power-chord riffs. They excel at creating high-tempo grooves rather than showing off any flashy techniques. It's great music for pumping your fist to great grooves, and the choruses are quite catchy. Singer Percy Mejhagen had said they wanted to focus on melody with their vocal style, rather than screaming for the sake of screaming. Says Mejhagen, "I'm not comfortable screaming the way a metal singer 'should' scream. Instead... we let the guitars do all the screaming."

My only point of criticism would be in the lack of any prominent guitar solos. Granted this is perhaps a stylistic choice of the band itself, but from my personal point of view, I think it would bring Cellout's music to a higher level. But I will leave it at that and just say, to each his own. I know there is a following of metal fans out there who prefer the groove-style of metal and care not for over-the-top, excessive guitar soloing. For these fans, Cellout is a must-hear.

Regardless of my personal reservations, I still have several tracks to recommend from Superstar Prototype:
-Dark Days ( A heavy thrasher. First track of the albums shows their heavy side. Still, you can tell their music is melody-driven.)
-All My Demons Inside
-Flooded (One of the ballads of the album. Here you get a taste of the softer side of Cellout, and a better example of Percy's vocal range and talent as a singer.)
-Set Things Straight (Brutally heavy while still infused with soft vocal melodies.)
-Blow (Another softer tune, not quite as much so as Flooded, but still catchy.)

This CD  is available from Nuerra Records

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