Friday, November 6, 2009

Discover New Bands on Myspace...

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Refer to this post for the November-December '09 Readers' Poll!

In this day and age, if you have a band that's serious about recording music, and you can't find a record deal, it's still easy to get your music available for potential fans to hear. All you need to do is create a myspace web page, upload some of your songs, and who knows what can happen from there?

For next month's readers' poll I'll be featuring the following bands that are either new, unsigned, or independent. They all have a myspace page with songs available to preview. I have suggested one song for each band for you to quickly listen & compare, but please listen to as many of their songs as you can... you'll see there's a lot of variety here! Then, after you've heard them all, pick you favorite & cast your vote! Enjoy the new tunes!

Overdust-"Maybe Tomorrow"

Ten With Strangers-"Gotta Get Home"

Taking Dawn-"Like a Revolution"

Strych9Hollow-"Better Off Alone"

Droids Attack!-"Operation Panda"

From Sword to Sunrise-"Preparation for Death"

Losing Scarlet-"Shade of Hate"

Start listening now!! The new poll will be posted in just a couple days!

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