Friday, November 27, 2009

Lacuna Coil-Shallow Life

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Italy's gothic-metal rockers, Lacuna Coil, come back with "Shallow Life", a long-awaited follow-up to their US breakthrough album, "Karmacode".

"Shallow Life" comes across with more of a main-stream vibe than "Karmacode", without losing their classic sound. The first single, "Spellbound", seemed to get the band even more exposure this past summer. It received a good deal of air-play on radio stations in my area. It was a primary reason for seeking out tickets for one of their shows this summer too.

Almost every song on the album plays on catchy melodies, weather they're ballads or heavier tunes doesn't matter. Lacuna Coil have taken the next step in thier musical evolution, and have presented their most accessible album yet. I dare you to play this album all the way through without getting 2 or 3 of the songs stuck in your head.

My personal favorites include:
-I Won't Tell You
-I'm Not Afraid

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