Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jimi Hendrix-Woodstock '69

Post #77-Poll Winner: Favorite Woodstock '69 Performer
The 3 day festival of music, peace, & love, that was Woodstock 1969 was a musical event like no other. A generation of music fans gathered for days to enjoy music, promote peace, and become a part of rock'n'roll history. Enduring rain, hunger, and a massive crowd for the sake of music, this throng of people was witness to one of the greatest concerts of all time.

Of all the artists that performed at the original Woodstock Festival, you have voted for Jimi Hendrix as you favorite. At the time, Hendrix was at the peak of his musical career. He was also given the honor of being the closing performer for this 3-day long music festival. His performance did not disappoint. In fact it could be called the greatest live performance of all time. Certainly, his rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" is a one-of-a-kind performance, and still inspires some of the world's best guitarists to this day.

Here was his set from that historic day:
-Message to Love
-Getting My Heart Back Together Again
-Spanish Castle Magic
-Red House
-Master Mind
-Here Comes Your Lover Man
-Foxy Lady
-Gypsy Woman
-Voodoo Child (Slight Return)/Stepping Stone
-Star Spangled Banner
-Purple Haze
-Woodstock Improvisation/Villanova Junction
-Hey Joe


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