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June 2014
"When our lambs and lions made debts no righteous man can pay it's my own blood.
And I can't forget the taste, can't forget the taste of my own tongue."
From 'Eula' by Baroness

July 2014

"Wonder of wonders set me free, Child of the starlight release me.

I want it to be but I lost my way, Sunrise will find us again someday."

From 'Nether Reflex' by Genotype

Friday, July 11, 2014

Psychopathic Daze: July 2014 Tour Dates

Post #291

Psychopathic Daze will be road warriors again for the month of July this summer. Check them out at any of their numerous dates below. Playing venues across 3 states, they are spreading their influence further throughout the midwest...

TONIGHT!! Friday, July 11th: They are playing in Marion, IN at Beatniks Cafe, show starts at 8pm.

TOMORROW!! Saturday, July 12th: in Elwood, IN, at Backstage Bar at 8pm.

Next Thursday, July 17th they play at Club Mambo, part of the Battle For Mayhem Fest, in Chicago, IL at 4pm.

Next Saturday the 19th, they play Chicago's Elbo Room at 6pm.

Then, for the last weekend of July they travel up to Wisconsin for a pair of shows:

Friday the 25th in Janesville, WI at The Back Bar at 8pm.

and Saturday the 26th in Oshkosh, WI at The Reptile Palace at 8pm.

Get out, check them out and bang your head to some hardcore metal!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Wicked Deception-Incite the Riot (2012)

Post #290

Wicked Deception are an underground thrash metal band from Joliet, IL. Their goal when they started out as a band was to create an aggressive blend of death and thrash metal. After one listen to their first full-length album Incite the Riot, I must say mission accomplished!

Their throwback, raw and unrefined thrash tones remind me of the early works of Sepultura; from 1987's Schizophrenia to 1991's Arise. Incite the Riot writhes with that primordial intensity, aggression, and raw sounding tonality that is harder and harder to find in modern metal. Many of the earliest albums of thrash metal had this kind of sound to them. Wicked Deception take this potent foundation of riffs and add a death-metal inspired hardcore scream as their main vocal element, which is where I'm drawn to make the Sepultura comparison.
Brothers Lance and Brian Huguelet share the vocals, each adding their own unique elements. Lance does the mid-range screamed vocals and deeper guttural growls while Brian provides the straight forward hardcore screams. They switch off several times within songs, often with one brother singing the verses, the other the choruses.

The opening track, 'Retribution', dives straight into their signature sound. The raw, fast-tempo riffs assault your ears, while a deep-grooved and brutal rhythm is established by the drums and bass guitar. Raspy, mid-range screams from Brian Huguelet deliver the message aggressively with a Max Cavalera-esque style.

'Slavedog' slows things down a little in terms of tempo, but they keep the song's riffs heavy and aggressive all the same. They throw in a few spoken-word lyrics, which remind me a bit of Faith No More's Mike Patton. The song carries a theme of struggling for independence, and rebelling against authority.

'Unconscious Terror', again following the slower-but-heavy song structure, has one of the most memorable riffs on this album. They take a few seconds to include a technical and classic-thrash sounding guitar solo before this song ends.

The final track, '(No Life in Your) Darkness', features melodic guest vocals by Jennifer Skorniak. She sings melodically for most of the song, adding a diverse new element to Wicked Deception's pallet. Fear not though metal-heads, for she also can scream hardcore with the best of them, and adds this element at the choruses.

In conclusion I may be tempted to call Incite the Riot a 'melodic-death-metal' album, but that seems a bit short of accurate to me. What this style of metal really reminds me of is a time from metal's evolution when death-metal had not yet fully differentiated itself from thrash or speed-metal. All the comparisons I've made to early Sepultura were for a reason: this is the era of this band's primary inspiration. For anyone who ever loved the purest, most evil roots of what thrash metal was like in the old days, check out Wicked Deception. They are out to prove that some beasts never die...

Recommended Tracks:
-Unconscious Terror
-Awakening Hatred
-(No Light in Your) Darkness

Follow Wicked Deception on:

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Set To Rise (2014 EP)

Post #289
Set to Rise are a British metal band from Kent, England. Delivering their own brand of metal that is inspired from alternative metal, hardcore and punk; this band is out to make a statement and leave their own mark on the metal scene. They recently released a self-titled EP featuring three studio and two live tracks, providing a nice overview of their sound and style.
The EP opens with some clean guitar melody that quickly transitions to a groove-laden heavy riff. When the vocals kick in, they are infused with an aggressive edge, but not screamed so rough as to be unintelligible; this band's music has a message, and they don't want it to be missed. Political criticism, and calling out of dishonesty are a few of the themes one can find in their lyrics. Their singer delivers the message with raw emotion and a sense of urgency.

Musically their tones and song structures initially reminded me of Motorhead riffs mixed with a late-80's punk vocal style. After a few more listens an influence from alternative metal bands such as Rage Against the Machine and Papa Roach came to mind. There are some hints of thrash and groove metal in places, while lead guitar solos keep a classic element present in their formula as well.

Set To Rise may sound a little bit like many of their influences, but exactly like none of them. They take their influences and meld them into their own sound. They have a lot of potential, and I'm curious to watch how their music will develop over the next few years.

I'll leave you with an annotated summary of each track from their self-titled debut EP.

-Because of You. With the clean guitar intro this song almost has a post-grunge feel, until the heavy riffs kick everything up a notch or two. This song's main riff is addictively catchy, enticing one to bang their head. A killer guitar solo gives the song a finishing touch.

-Lost. This one is a more intense, more hardcore type of song. It thrashes along with a higher tempo and more aggression than any other track on this EP.

-Forgetting Me. Set To Rise list Rage Against The Machine as a major primary influence on their social media pages, and this track shows that influence the most on this EP. As the centerpiece, this track may be most indicative of their chosen direction in metal.

-Taken (live). This song has a solid groove, and gives you a hint of what the band is like live. There is a certain raw quality of the live recordings, but they also deliver a snippet of another side of Set To Rise. Recordings can capture a band's talent, but a live performance tells you more about who they are, and you can really hear between the lines and feel their ambition and drive.

-Sleep Now in the Fire (live- Rage Against The Machine cover). Set To Rise really take their biggest influence from Rage Against The Machine. It's not surprising they choose to cover one of Rage's songs on this EP, and the live performance captures their intensity all the more. They give this song proper justice, while honoring their primary inspiration at the same time.

This debut EP is a pretty diverse sampling from the three studio tracks, and the two live tracks are a huge plus! Follow Set To Rise on facebook and don't miss a chance to download these tracks, currently available as free downloads.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Psychopathic Daze-May Daze!

Post #288

Catch Psychopathic Daze performing tonight and/or tomorrow!!! For the last weekend of May the Chicago-area hardcore metal outfit have two shows spanning half the state of Illinois.

First: tonight, May 30th they are at the Livewire Lounge in Chicago, IL. Tomorrow, Saturday the 31st they travel downstate to Kenney, IL (just northeast of the state capitol of Springfield) for a show at Old Settler's Park..

Need more reason to go? These are also the band's first two shows with their new lead singer, Tony Castile!!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Avenged Sevenfold-Hail to the King (2013)

Post #287
Avenged Sevenfold seem to always draw a lot of criticism for being 'sell-outs' in recent years in heavy metal circles. I think this partially stems from the fact that much of metal's underground fandom clings to a belief that metal is not supposed to be mainstream or popular. Metallica are sometimes viewed the same way by metal critics ever since their commercial success of their self-titled 'black' album. In many ways, Hail to the King is Avenged Sevenfold's 'black' album. It is their biggest shift to a slower-tempo, more accessible sound as they have displayed yet in their career. So their critics are making as much noise as ever over their legitimacy as a metal band. On the flip-side, Avenged Sevenfold's latest release still debuted at #1, and they continue to draw sell-out crowds on headlining tours and massive metal festivals and tours around the globe, so in all likelihood they will continue to do what they've been doing as far as their direction is concerned, and let all criticisms go in one ear and out the other.

After a first listen this album sounds like Avenged Sevenfold is sputtering at half throttle. There are teases of potential neck-breaking tempos like they've delivered on previous releases, but not a single song reaches that point. Long-time fans may wonder if their new drummer Arin Ilejay is not living up to the standards of the late Rev, or if the band is simply losing their aggressive drive. They also seem to draw inspiration from some long-standing greats of heavy metal on this album. In some cases they emulate these legends so much that critics are challenging their originality. These are some of the obvious criticisms of Hail to the King, but now that I've stated the obvious I can move on and look at the many aspects of this album that are truly worthy of praise.

First let me come out and say that Hail to the King is still a METAL album. I get annoyed by the tendency of music to be called 'hard rock' simply because it is not as fast or as aggressive or hardcore as some more extreme styles of metal. Avenged Sevenfold have always been metal, and always will be, no matter how much the press continues to try to label them as 'Hard Rock'. In truth, these labels are arbitrary, and always have been. There is always a degree of interchangability between subgenres, and there will always be room for debate. Let's not let it stop us from appreciating quality music when we hear it!

This album continues to grow on me the more I play it. Once I got over the lack of faster-tempo song on this album I was able to just listen and enjoy the songs for what they were. 'Shepherd of Fire' starts off the album with a slow and haunting mood. It is another similarity to the 'black' album to be noted- it reminds me of 'Enter Sandman' in terms of it's overall feel, mood, structure and style. The bass guitar is prominent throughout, and drums and rhythm guitar keep the song marching along with it's dark mood.

The title track is quite reminiscent of AC/DC's classic 'Thunderstruck', as it features a lead-guitar melody that plays non-stop throughout the entire song with minimal variation. This is where I keep expecting a tempo change, but in the end the song stays the same throughout. All in all, I was hoping for more intensity from A7X, but the song is not bad. This may be evidence of the band adopting a stricter discipline in holding to a more moderate, accessible sound.

There are a couple ballads on Hail to the King. 'Crimson Day' and 'Acid Rain' remind us that Avenged Sevenfold still have that softer side, and keep the album balanced. 'Acid Rain' is also a primarily piano-driven number. Avenged Sevenfold have always included a song or two that show their softer side in the songwriting department. This album is no different. 'Acid Rain' is my favorite of the two.

Before I leave you with my recommended tracks, I'll point out another observation I have about Hail to the King. It seems that perhaps there is a second, no-so-cryptic meaning behind the album's title: "Hail to the King", as it is like A7X are hailing their own personal kings of metal. I choose to view all of the instances of stylistic emulation as a form of paying tribute and honoring their heroes. Every band has influences, and sometimes they take a minute to make those influences known. Whether you choose to criticize them for it, or give them a thumbs-up is totally up to you.

Recommended tracks:
-Shepherd of Fire
-Hail to the King
-This Means War (This is a tricky one to recommend. Though I like it in spite of it's slower tempo, it should be pointed out that it is shockingly similar to Metallica's 'Sad But True'. The drum beat, guitar riff, even the several second pause at the beginning... They copied the song format and structure so closely that the song's inspiration is obvious. Perhaps too much so? You be the judge...)
-Coming Home
-Planets (My favorite song on the whole album, and my TOP pick! Very heavy, though still with the slower tempo they utilize a great deal on this album. M. Shadows' vocals are as intense as he gets on this album too!)
-Acid Rain

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kiss Inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Post #286
On Thursday, April 10th, 2014 KISS were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame... ...after 15 long years of eligibility. As a long-time, die-hard, ever-faithful fan of the make-up clad rock and roll legends, I had my share of worries about how the ceremony would go, what with all the controversy and mud-slinging that had been circulating in the media between the band, past members and the Hall of Fame itself for several weeks prior to the induction ceremony.

There were several sticking points of contention that ruffled feathers on every side of this multi-faceted argument of exactly how Kiss were gaining induction. There was a lot of back and forth tit-for-tat arguments, but they all boiled down to two basic points:

-The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would only induct the 4 original members (and exclude the other 6 past and present members).

-Kiss would not agree to perform as the original four (only as their current, touring line-up; which includes 2 of the aforementioned excluded members).

Ace Frehley and Peter Criss each chipped in their opinions that were picked up by the media and added some fuel to the rumor fire that there was bad blood amongst the original line-up. Would it run deep enough to cause any of the original four to pull out of the ceremony completely?

At one point I recall hearing something The Hall said about some nit-picky point of a band being inducted for a certain era of their career, and that with some current members wearing make-up designs created by past members belittled their significance. I'll come out and say I think that is a lame excuse to justify excluding musicians whom I believe (as a fan) deserve the honor of induction to The Hall. I wonder if that argument would be moot if, when KISS decided to continue wearing make-up after original members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss left the band after the Farewell Tour in 2000, they had asked their replacements, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, to create their own original make-up designs rather than wearing the make-up patterns of Frehley and Criss? They had new members design original make-up character themes before. Back in the early 1980's, when Eric Carr was 'The Fox' and Vinnie Vincent was the 'Egyptian Ankh'. In any case, these decisions are in the past and the situation is what it is.

From my perspective as a fan, all these arguments in the media had me worried the induction ceremony would be a train-wreck 15 years in the making. However when the time came for KISS to be inducted at the ceremony, Tom Morello (of Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave) gave a crowd-enticing introductory speech that really put the significance of KISS in perspective. Then, the original four 'Knuckle-heads' (to use Gene Simmon's own words!) of KISS: Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Peter Criss, and Ace Frehley graciously took the stage, shared some open camaraderie, and goodwill amongst each other on the stage, accepted their awards, and each took a turn saying a few words for the audience, viewers, and fans. Each speech was respectful, and in the cases of Gene and Paul they extended that respect to those past members, living and deceased, whom were not acknowledged by The Hall itself, but live on enduringly in the minds and hearts of the fans who remember hearing their recordings, seeing their performances or reading their words through interviews or documentaries throughout KISS' long and enduring legacy.

In a perfect world, what should have happened was a Hall of Fame induction 15 years ago (when Kiss was first eligible......) If you think about it, in 1999 the original line-up was still reunited, touring the world, and making music. Perhaps if those who vote on inductees had decided on KISS back then, many of these technicalities may have been avoided altogether. However, as things played out, it wasn't as bad as I had feared. At least KISS are finally IN the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Better late than never... (Can't stay innocent forever...) So even though we don't live in that alternate timeline, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is still a better place, now that it includes the band who wrote 'Rock and Roll All Nite'...

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Arcane Framework (Debut EP-2011)

Post #285
Arcane Framework are a female-fronted melodic metal band who have been playing shows in the Chicago-land area for a few years. In 2011 they released a debut, self-titled EP that displays their musical talent quite well.
Arcane Framework take a straight forward approach to playing modern heavy metal. They deliver a well balanced mix of power chord riffs, clean guitar parts, and melodic lead guitar. The drums and bass guitar prove to be a solid rhythm section, driving the songs at a methodic pace. The vocals are provided by singer/bassist Katy Przybytek, whose voice I find to be quite comparable to Lzzy Hale of Halestorm. Their lyrics are uplifting and inspiring. Arcane Framework are all about keeping your head up in the face of adversity.

The first track, 'Another Life', introduces their trademark sound off the bat: clean guitar intro that carries on during the verses, then heavy riffs kick in for the choruses. A guitar solo by Mickey Wilson features a lot of wah-pedal effect, reminding me a bit of Kirk Hammett's solos from the 'Black Album'. The lyrics are all about asserting one's individuality in the presence of pressure to conform.

'Steadfast' is a bit heavier. This song features a faster tempo and heavy guitar riffs throughout. Here is where rhythm guitarist Brian McDermott, drummer Mike Bero, and Katy Przybytek shine as a tight rhythm section. This song marches like an anthem!

'Undying Dream' is a song largely driven by the prominent bass line. Przybytek handles the dual duties of bass and vocals like a pro. A song about pursuing your dreams in the face of every challenge; without compromise or discouraged spirit.

'Collateral Destruction' has a heavy, thrash-inspired opening riff. During the verses, it does subside a little, allowing a melody carried by bass guitar and clean guitar parts.

'Insight Disguised' is perhaps the most inspiring song on this EP. Again they employ the clean verse/heavy chorus formula, but the lyrics of this one really stick in my mind the most. I love the final line of each chorus: "No one else can write your story for you how you'd write your own."

'Never Again', the closing number is perhaps the most powerful track on this EP. Perhaps the heaviest number too, it carries a no-holds-barred message of not taking any crap form anyone, ever. A call to be true to one's self, and resist corruption or compromise.

Since the release of this EP, Arcane Framework have had some changes in their line-up. Their present line-up is currently hard at work on a long-awaited follow up to this EP. Follow them on facebook and stay up on the news as they prepare for this release, as well as future live performances...

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Interview with Psychopathic Daze- Independent Band of the Year...

Post #284

I recently took the time to ask a few questions of Psychopathic Daze, current Independent Band of the Year, to find out a little more about them, their imminent plans, some background, and near-future plans. Here is what they had to say....

HappyHeadbanger: How did Psychopathic Daze get started?
Psychopathic Daze: Psychopathic Daze started back in early 2010. One of the original guitarists wanted to put a band together more or less to just have something to do, and to play heavy metal, and so he put up a few craigslist ads. Ken (vox) and the original drummer both responded, and everything was a good fit musically, so PD was born. The band quickly grew to be more than just "something to do." Since then, there have been a bunch of member changes, but the core belief of the band has not changed. All we want to do is write and play heavy metal. Like us, hate us, or whatever, we're doing what we love, writing music we want to hear. That won't ever change.
How did you come up with the band's name?

The band had a few band name ideas that were being thrown around in the very early days. The first song what was completed was the song "Psychopathic Daze." It seemed like a good fit for a band name, and it just kinda stuck.

Your style seems to be a solid mix of hardcore and groove metal. Are there any national bands that were a specific influence or inspiration for you?

I think it's impossible for any band to not be influenced by someone on some level. We all have our specific influences, from Lamb of God, As I Lay Dying, Threat Signal, Chimaira, Slipknot, Killswitch Engage, Meshuggah...I could go on. We all have slightly different tastes in metal, and so we all bring a different influence and opinion to the table. That all said, we don't try to write anything to sound like this band or that band. We are who we are, and we write what we want to hear. If a certain riff happens to sound like another band, well, it's unintentional, and bound to happen at some point, no matter who you are. But I think bringing all the different influences together and kinda throwing it all into one big pot has helped us establish a unique sound. I guess you could say we sound like a lot of metal bands, and none of them, all at once!
From your album artwork, lyrics and subject matter it seems you're all into the horror culture. Is that true?

To a point. Metal as a genre is generally a darker sound. I think we all like a good horror movie, but none of us are really swept up by it. It's just one of a million influences.
What are some of your favorite horror films, books, or TV shows?

I mean, all the classics. Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Some of the newer ones weren't bad, like Insidious. I like the more creepy vibe in that one, vs the cheap scare that seems to be a theme lately.
Back in 2011 you released a full-length debut album, and last year you did an EP. Can you compare the recording experiences for the two?
Comparing those two experiences is kinda like comparing the Saturn V rocket to the Millennium Falcon. The first album, we were young, broke, and pretty ignorant as to the whole recording process. We didn't use a click, we didn't spend enough time setting parts, did no pre-production... just kinda went to the studio and threw it down. The first album has a very raw, unpolished sound to it because of that. With the EP, we knew we needed to step up our game. We spent the time doing actual pre-production, laying out parts, making sure no one was stepping on anyones toes. We hired Daniel Castleman (As I Lay Dying, Trivium, Winds of Plague) to engineer and produce the album. We were definitely better prepared for the EP, knowing what to do different from the full length. We learned what works and what doesn't, and applied that. Next time, we'll take what we learned from the EP and put that towards the next album. It's all about learning and getting better.

Which will you do next, a 2nd full-length album or another EP?

We haven't decided yet. We've barely toured to support the EP, so that's our main focus right now. We'll probably at the very least finish out 2014 playing as much as we can, and late this year or early next year sit down and plan a new record. But it's still too early to tell.
I see you have some tour dates coming up in April. Do you have any other plan in the works for the Summer and Fall of 2014?

Currently we're booking as much as we can. April is filled up, and May is filling up. June sees us playing a couple of festivals, and that's pretty much as far out as people are booking locals right now. We're constantly looking for shows, so I'd expect for us to be pretty busy throughout 2014.
Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions!

Thanks for having us!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Search for concert tickets at ScoreBig!

Post #283

For all of you frequent concert-goers out there, this post is to let you know there's a new player in the landscape of discounted event tickets: Whether you are looking for concerts, sporting events, musicals or Broadway shows try adding ScoreBig to your list of sites you check before settling for box office pricing. ScoreBig advertises their tickets are always lower than box office prices, and discounted as much as 60% off the original price!!

The website is user-friendly, and makes it easy to search by location for great entertainment opportunities near you. Don't miss a chance to save some money on your next concert event, and check first!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

M.A.I.M.- Hosteria (2014- Italian Folk/Thrash/Party Metal)

Post #282

M.A.I.M. are an Italian metal band seeking to fuse the diverse genres of early Thrash metal with Traditional Folk music. Their songs are like a mish-mash of early-era Iron Maiden mixed with a Renaissance Minstrel Band. Their music is like a conduit to their attitude of party hard, rock even harder, and generally live life to the fullest or else!

They describe their sound as 'Epic Casera Metal'. In this context a 'Casera' is essentially a small building where travelers on foot drop in to take a rest while backpacking through rural Europe. Now picture there is a band in said Casera and they choose to play for you some heavy metal music to help you to drink the night away. The band you might be picturing now would be akin to M.A.I.M.
Their new EP, Hosteria, is four adrenalizing tracks of this Epic Casera Metal. Along with their high speed classic metal-infused-with-folk music sound, their vocalist Dario De Nart reminds me of Lacuna Coil's Andrea Ferro. He has that same gritty, almost raw sounding rough voice. The difference is, in most cases, their music is twice as fast as Lacuna Coil...

The first track is 'Casera Death Trip', and this song is very much like a theme-song for M.A.I.M. It describes their style of music, performance, and preferred audience within the lyrics. It is almost like an instructional song about the attitude you need to bring to their shows, as well as how you should behave or misbehave while in attendance. Lyrics like, "Get ready for a mosh!" and "Throw away your mobile." clearly let the listener know what is in store for them at a M.A.I.M. show! All the while you have fast and heavy classic metal riffs and grooves pouring out of the speakers with a folksy violin playing a catchy melodic jig in the background. Finally the song closes with the lyrics informing the listener that M.A.I.M. intend to "Drink until we pass out!"

Next is 'Quest for Perfection'. This song begins with a thundering drum intro. A lead guitar melody comes in and lifts the song up, then the rhythm section hits you with the riffs. Again a violin accompanies in the background, mirroring the lead guitar melody. Lyrics again are self-championing themes of total metal madness in a hard partying bar.

The third track is 'Dragon & Polenta'. A spoken intro in their native Italian language gives way to a tale of myth, legend and fantasy. Almost like an alternate version of the Loch Ness monster, but told to a thrash metal riff and melodic violin.

The last song, 'Blood Stained Walls' is slightly different from the first 3. It starts off with a slower, violin intro that depicts a somber mood. The first few riffs build the song into a metal anthem, then the beasts of thrash get unleashed in the middle, and by the end the backing vocals change to death-metal style screams, perhaps relating back to the 'death' in Casera Death Trip. The different elements in this song prove that M.A.I.M. are not afraid to push their own boundaries a little.

Thie EP is a truly creative mix of classic metal, thrash, and folk metal. The blend between these genres is practically seamless. The attitude they portray in their lyrics is all about partying to serious metal. It's like a soundtrack of debauchery from 2 separate centuries played simultaneously. Check out M.A.I.M on facebook! Currently all four track from Hosteria can be streamed/downloaded from their facebook page or reverbnation.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Psychopathic Daze: April 2014 Tour Dates

Post #281

Psychopathic Daze are emerging from the frigid Chicago Winter with a slew of concert dates this month. Spanning 2 states, they start things off tomorrow- Friday, April 11th at Ye Olde Town Inn in Mount Prospect, IL before heading off to Indiana for two weekends packed with show dates.
Once they cross into the Hoosier State, they will be playing Friday the 18th at Chamberfest in Kokomo, IN followed by Jerilee's Pub in Lafayette, IN on Saturday the 19th...

The following weekend they play 3 gigs in 3 nights!
Friday the 25th at Berlin Music Pub in Fort Wayne, IN; Saturday the 26th at Centerstage Bar and Grill in Kokomo, IN; and Sunday the 27th at the Beer Fountain in Indianapolis, IN!

 Psychopathic Daze are searching for a new vocalist, to replace Morahan who is leaving on good terms, so these might be the last dates you can catch this band with their current line-up!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

When Ronnie James Dio Joined Black Sabbath...

Post # 280 [Poll Winner-Favorite Replacement Vocalist]

Black Sabbath spent the 1970's establishing themselves as the premier heavy metal band on planet Earth. As friction mounted within the band, the time came when they eventually parted ways with original singer Ozzy Osbourne and searched for a replacement. Having toured with Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, other members were in communication with singer Ronnie James Dio.
Guitarist Tony Iommi and Ronnie got together and worked on some ideas musically. Their collaboration had a good enough vibe that Dio was offered the lead singer spot, and Heaven and Hell- their first album with this new line-up, soon followed. It has stood the test of time as a monumental album in the landscape of 80's heavy metal. The transition gave Sabbath a shot in the arm, and allowed them to get a fresh start at the dawn of a new decade.

Recommended tracks from Heaven and Hell:
-Neon Knights
-Heaven and Hell
-Children of the Sea
-Lady Evil
-Die Young
-Lonely is the Word

Friday, March 28, 2014

Psychopathic Daze- Ride This Bullet Home (EP-2013)

Post #279
At the end of 2013 Psychopathic Daze won the reader's poll contest for Independent Band Of The Year. The Chicago-area quintet therefore earned the primary focus of attention here at Music reviews, concert schedule updates, interviews and more will be covered right here! Today, I'll focus on their latest release on CD & digital formats... music behind the current Independent Band Of The Year is a strain of hardcore metal infused with fury and rage. Released shortly before they won the annual polling contest and claimed that title, their recent EP is entitled Ride This Bullet Home.

For a 4-track EP, this one packs a lot of punch. Thunderous drumming, screamed hardcore vocals, heavy riffs that shred with a razor-like edge, and talented guitar soloing along the way; this Ride will truly strike you like a bullet and leave you enticed to writhe with headbanging urges. The well-refined recording quality of this EP will keep you playing the tracks over and over until you know them by your blood-surging heart!

First track is the title track, 'Ride This Bullet Home'. It strikes me with a Shadows Fall kind of vibe in regards to the riffs, and vocals akin to Lamb Of God. Vocalist Ken Morahan does an excellent job of providing a scream worthy of mention among some of metal's elite hardcore vocalists, then during the choruses guitarist Frank Adamo gives melodic backing vocals. The result is heavy, unyielding sound with some catchy melodies prominent in the mix.

Next comes 'Wicked Hour', which greets your ears with an electric lead guitar intro that buzzes repeatedly in your ears. The riff that follows is a bit slower in tempo but weighted down with so much groove it demands to be moshed to!

The third track is 'Seven', inspired by the seven deadly sins. It is another hardcore, groove metal goliath. Rapid-fire drums make repeated appearances, while the 2-guitar attack keeps the riffs pouring out your speakers. The lyrics remind us of human nature in its darkest primordial state, and how we all fall to temptation and sin at times...

The closing number, 'Moment of Clarity', is where this band eases up on the aggression just a bit and reveal a bit of a softer side. The mood is still dark and melancholic, as the lyrics reflect a bit of soul-searching along with a God-complex that compete within a troubled psyche...

Ride This Bullet Home is a highly recommended EP from Psychopathic Daze. Though there will be many more blog posts centered around them throughout the year, you should add this CD to your collection soon to better appreciate what all the buzz is about.

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