Wednesday, December 5, 2007

'Tis The Season! A Rockin' Christmas Post (pt.2)

Post #9
Get "Barenaked For The Holidays"!
Seriously, you should get it! Its the collection of holiday music from the band Barenaked Ladies. This is truly a favorite holiday music CD in our household around Christmas Time, right up there with good ole' Bing Crosby (and not just a favorite of mine, my wife digs it as much as I do!) It's also more than just a "Christmas" CD, as it contains a number of Hanukkah songs as well. So whether you put up a tree & stockings, or spin dreidels & light the Menorah, you will certainly enjoy this recording.

In true Barenaked Ladies fashion, they pep-up the album with some comedic tunes like Jingle Bells & The Elf's Lament. But don't think this is entirely a goofy album either! There are a number of truly heart-felt interpretations of classic Holiday songs that genuinely honor the "Reason for the Season", for either faith.
For those who download, I recommend:
-Jingle Bells
-Hanukkah Blessings
-Elf's Lament
-God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman/We Three Kings (features Sarah McLachlan)
-Deck The Stills
-I Have a Little Dreidel
-Auld Lang Syne

'Tis The Season! A Rockin' Christmas Post (pt. 1)

Post #8
The Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Back in the 90's this group started off as a side project from the band Savatage. Initially they recorded classic Christmas songs in the Heavy Metal style. After a successful video & single with "Christmas Eve", they soon began to write original Christmas-themed material. Since their debut "Christmas Eve & Other Stories", they've released 2 other Christmas albums (both concept albums that create their own story) and one non-Christmas album: Beethoven's Last Night. The Christmas albums are a blend of new material & Holiday classics interpreted throughout. On all their recordings, the guitars & drums are expertly blended with symphonic accompaniment. If you like hard rock music and like getting into the Holiday Spirit, then check out this band!
Recommended Christmas Rock from TSO:
-Anno Domine
-Siberian Sleigh Ride
-What Child Is This?
-O’ Come All Ye Faithful
-The Ghosts Of Christmas Eve
-Boughs Of Holly
-Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24
(This is the song that started it all; it can also be found on Savatage's classic concept album, Dead Winter Dead ['95], which tells a story of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina)
-This Christmas Day

-Back To A Reason (Part II) (This song is a sequel/rewrite of "Back to a Reason", which originally appeared on the Savatage album: Poets And Madmen ['01])