Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Congratulations to Act of Destruction!

Post #354

This past October I hosted the 9th annual Independent Band of the Year reader's poll contest on this blog. After a month of promoting the contest and the bands pushing their fans to vote, a tight race concluded with Act of Destruction narrowly eclipsing Sinister Fate for the title of 'Independent Band of the Year'.


Congratulations to Act of Destruction for pulling in the most votes!

I want to take a moment to thank all the other bands that agreed to participate this time around: Sinister Fate, Whale Bones, War Gods of the Deep, Our Broken View, Revenge Season, and Windowpane. Please see Post number 353 if you missed the chance to vote and wish to discover the music from these incredible bands. All the outreach and new page views this contest generates for this blog each year is truly appreciated. To those bands, I sincerely hope that you each gained a few more fans as a result of this contest as well.

For now, watch for a review of Act of Destruction's full-length album, 'Extinction' sometime in the next couple weeks. Act of Destruction's concerts and events will be promoted here throughout 2018. And continue to follow www.happyheadbanger.com for reviews of metal bands from the local scene to the international touring scene. The Independent Band of the Year polling contest will be back again next fall, with nominees from past winners, other favorite local bands and international independent bands hand-picked by yours truly. Until then, Happy Headbanging!