Monday, January 14, 2008

A Brief Note on "70's Rock Band" Poll

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First, my thanks to all those who voted. The votes were spread pretty evenly, and the narrow winner is Led Zeppelin. Before I get to my full review of Zeppelin, I just want to say a few things.

First is that if I could do this poll over again I probably would not include Judas Priest or the Scorpions. After I'd already posted the poll it occured to me that these bands didn't really hit big until the 80's. In their place I would have included a couple bands like Rush, AC/DC, or ZZ Top.

Second, I could porbably ramble for half an hour just listing more great bands from the 70's, so no matter how long the list would get I couldn't include everyone. Anyone who voted for "other" please don't take it personally that your favorite wasn't on the list.

Now I'm off to compose my thoughts on the legendary Led Zeppelin....
Be back soon!

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Wild Woman said...

The 70's rocked from what I remember!
Da M.I.L.