Thursday, July 30, 2009

Metallica-Master of Puppets

Post #66 Poll Winner: Favorite Metallica album from the 80'sMaster of Puppets, Metallica's third studio album recorded in 1986, set a high standard for excellence in thrash metal. To this day many say this standard has yet to be eclipsed. Master of Puppets is such a complete realization of thrash-metal musicianship that it is constantly being referenced as an influence, inspiration, and a benchmark for the genre as a whole. Few heavy metal albums can even come close to this standard of excellence.

As a band, Metallica seemed to just be taking off at this point in their career. Master of Puppets was certainly the most focused effort of their first three albums, as they became an underground phenomenon in the world of heavy metal. It is also the last album written while legendary bassist Cliff Burton was still alive. His unique contributions to song-writing are perhaps most apparent on the instrumental "Orion".

Ever since this album's release it seems that Metallica have always been challenged to duplicate its level of creativity, musicianship and attitude. Other works may have achieved a greater commercial success, but many of Metallica's die-hard fans will always regard Master of Puppets as their greatest recording.

Master of Puppets is an excellent album, front to back. Therefor I recommend the whole thing! Here are the tracks:
-Master of Puppets
-The Thing That Should Not Be
-Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
-Disposable Heroes
-Leper Messiah
-Damage Inc.

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