Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Label Added- "At Your Library"

Post #75
Hello readers! Just wanted to update you on one of my secret methods of keeping up and up on so much new music. Especially in these times, where money is tight for so many, finding great bargains is essential to people like myself who live on a budget. However, sometimes even a great sale isn't enough to make all the music I'd like to buy affordable.

For times like this, I utilize my local library. You may be surprised how quickly libraries add new titles to their audio-visual sections. Ever since I started this blog, I've periodically reviewed titles that I checked out from my library. In some cases I've added these titles to my collection since the time I borrowed them from the library, but not always. I've added the label "At Your Library" to all the posts where I first hear the music on a CD I checked out from my library. So pay attention when you see this label at the bottom of a post, and let it be a reminder to yourself that there is probably some cool new music waiting for you at your own library.

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