Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Post #86
[21st Century Breakdown tied with Endgame to win the "Favorite album of 2009" reader's poll]
Megadeth gave us the album Endgame in '09, and for the 4th consecutive time, have produced a thrash album arguably better than their previous effort. Since 1999's Risk, Endgame marks an even decade of consistent and impressive return to form for Megadeth.

In spite of the addition of a new lead guitarist, Chris Broderick, the band has retained their razor-sharp groove. Mustaine joins Chris for numerous tandem guitar solos, as well as trading leads throughout the album. The riffs tear into your chest with a vigor that matches the material from United Abominations.

In many instances Endgame deals with some serious issues like the recent financial meltdown and economic hardship, as well as war and governmental arrogance. However there are places where the mood lightens up just a bit and the music is simply about thrashing out to Megadeth's insane, shredding riffs & screaming guitar solos!

My favorites from Megadeth's newest album:
-Dialectic Chaos
-This Day We Fight!
-44 Minutes
-Bite The Hand
-Head Crusher

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