Monday, August 30, 2010

Alice Cooper-School's Out

Post #104 Poll Winner: Favorite Alice Cooper album from the 70's.
The 1970's were a formative era for the genre of heavy metal. Several hard rock bands from this time would become primary influences for almost every heavy metal band that has folowed since. This was a time of pioneers. Rock musicians who began making music in the late 60's would slowly begin to emerge from the haze of psychadelic rock and hone in on other elements of style. One such artist would be Alice Cooper.

Alice Cooper became famous early in their career for the theatrical elements of their stage show. Hence, Alice became known as the founder of 'Shock-Rock' (dubbed for the shocking elements of their music and performance). At about the same time, the band started producing some genuine hit songs that helped define the generation.

School's Out is perhaps the best example of Alice Cooper's rock-anthem capabilities. To this day the title track to this classic album is cranked up to 10 for many high-schoolers during summer break. This song gave a generation of teenagers a rally cry in the 70's.

You chose this album as your favorite from Alice in the 70's,
My picks from School's Out:
-School's Out (of course!)
-My Stars
-Public Animal #9

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