Saturday, September 18, 2010

AC/DC-Highway to Hell

Post #108 Poll Winner: Favorite AC/DC album from the 70's.

AC/DC, one of the preeminent influences of hard rock & heavy metal music, established themselves in the mid-70's. Taking a strong inspiration from early blues & rock and roll bands from the 50's and early 60's, and mixing it with the harder-edged sound of other early-70's era bands like Led Zeppelin and The Who, they quickly became a major force of 70's heavy metal.

With each album, their popularity grew. Within a couple years they were touring outside their native Australia, and had become a global phenomenon. Their music appealed to a whole generation of teens, who craved this old-school rock & roll with a dark side. Their singles became top hits on almost every continent.

They closed out the decade with their best album yet, 'Highway To Hell'. Though they were still a band on the rise, this would be their last album with Bon Scott as their singer. He tragically died in early 1980 at the age of 33 after passing out after a night of heavy drinking. The legacy he left behind is one of the most memorable in heavy-rock music. Your choice of Highway To Hell as your favorite AC/DC album from the 70's is further evidence of that legacy.

Now, here are my favorite tracks I recommend from this album:
-Highway To Hell
-Girls Got Rhythym
-Shot Down In Flames
-If You Want Blood (You've Got It!)
-Night Prowler

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