Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bruce Dickinson- Heavy Metal 107's 2nd President!!

Post #120 [Poll Winner: Heavy Metal Election 2010-Favorite Frontman]
Bruce Dickinson's Inauguration:
In a landslide reader's poll, Bruce Dickinson scored a decisive victory for president of this blog. This convincing result came in timely fashion, as Iron Maiden have recently enjoyed much acclaim for their newest album, The Final Frontier.

Whether this album title may indicate that Maiden are nearing the end of their career remains to be seen. However, for the next 2 years, Bruce will hold office here at happyheadbanger. In the meantime, keep enjoying Iron Maiden's music as well as Bruce's solo material.

Bruce Dickinson would like to thank every reader of happyheadbanger/Heavy Metal 107 who voted for him. Holding the office previously held by James Hetfield will be a welcomed challenge. May the metal music of Iron Maiden stand as my testament to the enduring quality of heavy metal! To use a lyric as my theme for this term as President, here's one from the song 'Born in '58'

"Justice and liberty. You can buy - but you don't get free."

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