Friday, April 29, 2011


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SAGE4 is another female-fronted metal band on Chicago's local scene. They've been playing venues around the Chicago area, as well as travelling various states in the midwest as opportunity presents itself. Recently, they've been performing a series of acoustic sets at different Hot Topic locations. Currently working on new material, they are sure to be back on the local scene soon, ready to deliver top-notch live performances of their personal style of metal.

Their sound reminds me of a blend between gothic metal and alternative rock. Lead singer Tracey Sage delivers vocals with smooth melodies and heart-felt emotions while guitarist Mike Walsh develops intricate riffs and chord progressions on guitar. A tight rhythm section keeps the groove heavy for this band.

They have a full-length, self-produced album: Graves. It is available through their website for download, or on CD. Listening to Graves will give you the full effect of SAGE4. A myriad of guitar techniques are exhibited throughout this album. Lyrics are sung with true emotion, and they often reflect on issues you feel are personal and inspiring. Different songs bring comparrisons to mind, from Alice In Chains to Megadeth, Lacuna Coil to Metallica.

My favorite tracks on Graves:
-Steal My Thunder (Intro reminds me of Alice In Chains, then it gets heavy)
-Everyone's A Hypocrite (Fast, heavy, filled with angst. My favorite track!)
-Graves (Acoustic intro, heavy & melodic tune!)
-Am I Evil? (Drum intro reminds me of Megadeth's 'Trust'. One of the heaviest numbers on the album.)
-There (A slower, softer song. Lryics reverberate with mourning. Emotionally heavy.)
-Dream Eternal (Another slow-tempo number, at least at the beginning. A balanced mix of electric & acoustic guitars. A gothic-metal tune that is also a bit progressive-metal.)

Check out their website to download, or order your own copy of Graves today!

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