Thursday, May 5, 2011

Heathendom-Nescience and Self-Titled debut

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Heathendom are a power metal band from Greece. They incorporate elements from progressive metal, to traditional, classic metal, while keeping the riffs really heavy. When I first heard them I was instantly reminded of early Queensryche, thanks to the voice of vocalist Dimitris. Other bands I could compare them to range from Iron Maiden to King Diamond. Guitarists Lefteris Vourliotis and Michail Vlavianos are a fearsome combination of talent. There are quality lead guitars, acoustic guitars, keyboards, and plenty of heavy, distorted guitars in their mix.

Not to be overlooked, there are elements of progressive metal prominent on several tracks. If you've enjoyed some of the more epic songs from the likes of Dream Theater, or late Iron Maiden, then you will be impressed with Heathendom songs like 'Mirror of Memories' or 'Haunted in Hell'.

I highly recommend Heathendom to fans of classic heavy metal, as well progressive and power metal. As I have alluded to previously, if you like the vocal style of singers like Bruce Dickinson, King Diamond, Rob Halford, or Geoff Tate, then you need to hear Heathendom!

Recently, Metal On Metal Records has reissued their self-titled demo (originally released in 2005), and full-length debut album Nescience (originally 2008). Both are available through Metal On Metal's website: They are a European label, so it may be easier to shop online via in the US. For Heathendom's music at CDBaby click here:

My recommended tracks from:
-A Poem By Rote
-War & Pain
-Haunted In Hell (this is a 19 minute progressive, 2-part, epic masterpiece!)

-Mirror of Memories
-Scenes of Old (this one is more thrash-inspired)
-Haunted In Hell (same as on their self-titled release, available on this release as well!)

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