Monday, December 12, 2011

Congratulations, Mortal Wrath!

Post #174  [Poll Winner: Independent Band 2011]
 Congratulations to Mortal Wrath from Romney, West Virginia on winning this year's Favorite Independent Band reader's poll! Following the tradition established last year, Mortal Wrath will soon enjoy a side-bar link to their main website for 1 year, a full-length review, and promotional blog posts ahead of every show they play throughout the year. The Happy Headbanger is honored to have them featured on this blog.

This year's Independent Bands contest was a huge draw for votes, similar to the last 2 years' polls. Though Mortal Wrath jumped out to an early lead and managed to hang onto that lead throughout the contest, there were a couple bands who gave them a run for the money. Ideal Zero were knocking at the door for a while, and later, Sins of a Nation got into the mix as well. Those bands finished 2nd and 3rd respectively  but couldn't overtake the lead before the poll closed.

Watch for that review of Mortal Wrath soon, as well as their web link and show announcements.
Until then, happy headbanging to all!

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Michael, MW said...

Thank you all for having us here and for everyone's support!!!!!