Monday, April 2, 2012

Heavy Metal Madness-First Round Summary (Part 2)

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As February passed, and Winter gave way to an early spring, voting here at continued for the bands in Heavy Metal Madness 2012... We saw more decisive victories, upsets and close contests in the second month of voting. Many favorites are one step closer to the coveted title of 'Best Heavy Metal Band' for this blog. Here's a break-down of the voting results for Round 1, Part 2!

Black Sabbath dominated The Who 36-10
Rush upset Aerosmith 30-17
Kiss beat Alice Cooper 29-16
Motley Crue bested Def Leppard 34-11
Nightwish had the biggest upset this month, knocking off Slipknot 29-23
Disturbed beat DragonForce 28-17
Killswitch Engage narrowly escaped Children of Bodom 25-18
and Avenged Sevenfold topped Trivium by the comfortable margin of 32-11...

Now for my recommended tracks for those bands that are now eliminated from this contest:
The Who-'Won't Get Fooled Again'
Aerosmith-'No Surprise'
Alice Cooper-'Poison'
Def Leppard-'Armageddon It'
DragonForce-'Through the Fire and Flames'
Children of Bodom-'Needle 24/7'
Trivium-'A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation'

Keep checking in at this blog, and voting for your favorite bands! Tell your friends and fellow metal-heads to check out this competition too! The more votes we get, the more validity is attributed to the results!

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