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Droids Attack! - 002 Fatal/Error

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Hailing from Madison, WI, Droids Attack! are an intriguing independent band blending metal, punk and progressive rock in a manner that results in truly infectious grooves! They set a tone with their music focusing on a heavy low-end distortion, reflecting their self-proclaimed influences of early Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Motorhead and Clutch. I originally discovered them in '09 while searching for independent bands to include in my 1st annual reader's poll of independent bands. Here's an in-depth look at their 2nd full-length release, Fatal/Error, from 2006.

The first track, 'The Lord', starts slowly, and instantly hits you with their low-end heavy guitar tones. Then the song's energy builds up, lead guitar adds a layer to the formula, then the tempo kicks up a bit and you can't help but bang your head. The opening track is one of a couple on this release that also have elements of heavy, progressive rock in the song structure. At the end of this track, as the last chord fades out, the next riff assaults your ears. The chord progressions are so similar on the second track, 'Steven Seagal', that if you're listening casually, you may think it's still the first track. You can feel this band is in a zone, and just jamming out these tunes with all they got!

With hardcore punk-style vocals, Droids Attack give you a great means for venting some emotion. Blended with this emotion are humor, wit, and some social commentary. In the end it's all for a good time, and their heavy, prog-rock/stoner rock vibe is liable to get you hooked before the last tune, 'Scythe in the Fire' has finished blaring out your speakers.

I've been very pleased with the listening experience I get with Fatal/Error, and fully intend to add their other releases to my collection soon. FYI, in 2010 they released the follow up to this album, Must Destroy. Give them a listen! They just might be the droids you've been looking for ;-)

My favorite tracks from Fatal/Error:
-The Lord
-Steven Seagal
-Dope Smuggler
-Blood of the Earth
-Scythe in the Fire

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