Friday, January 4, 2013

Heavy Metal Madness Contest Winners Are...

Post #227
As many of you have been voting in the Heavy Metal Madness polls throughout 2012, now that it's over it is time to announce those who have won prizes in the pool. 73 contestants entered, by filling out their predictions of which bands would win the tournament, way back in the Fall of 2011! The contest rules were laid out in Post #166, and these winners have the highest scores based on that 'scoring system'.

Ironically, my wife has won the overall top-score! (I invited my close family to join this contest, just for fun. Myself included!) Luckily for the rest of the field, she has declined to accept the grand-prize package, so I will still be sending the goods out to 7 lucky winners.

Congratulations to these contestants:
1st place with a score of 355: Heather B (Mrs. 'Happy Headbanger' herself!)
2nd place with a score of 326: Lisa R
3rd place with a score of 312: Kitty K
4th place with a score of 279: Sam T
5th place with a score of 275: Dawn K
6th place with a score of 268: Dani G
7th place with a score of 264: Steve G
8th place with a score of 262: Kevin S

...and there will be a futility prize (for the contestant who finished last): in 73rd place with a score of 120: JP!!

Thank you to all my friends, family, followers, collaborators, and of course my HMM selection committee (you are not forgotten!) for participating, month after month, in the massive contest!

Selection Committee members:
Rocky The Rockett
and Jeremy.

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