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Depth of All Things-Crawling (2013)

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I recently discovered another new band on the local scene in Chicago's northern suburbs: Depth of All Things.

Their first release is entitled Crawling. Their formula is instrumental heavy metal, or as I like to call it: Instru-METAL! That's right, all guitars, drums and bass! Depth of All Things utilize a modern groove-metal sound mixed with tones of alternative rock for their core sound. However you will find no lyrics, no vocals, no whining or screaming anywhere on this recording. If you think this sounds like a 'glass half-empty' scenario, then you obviously haven't listened to this band yet. The chord progressions, riffs and lead guitar solos are so catchy and captivating they simply do not need lyrics to keep you engaged in the music.

The title track 'Crawling' is the opening number. It starts with a clean guitar melody that reminds me a bit of Breaking Benjamin, then progresses through a groove-metal passage before hitting you with a thundering and thrashy chorus. (perhaps 'chorus' is a misnomer considering this is instru-metal, but these songs definitely feel like they have verses, bridges, and choruses) The next track 'I'll Pay for this One Day' is a heavy number with a fast tempo and just the right amount of blast-beat drumming. You will probably find you are headbanging by now! Most of the 8 songs on this collection use different combinations of these elements, to maintain a fairly heavy sound throughout.

The last couple songs, 'Limbo' and 'Miseries of the World' slow things down a little, but there is still an electric element maintained. Though parts of these songs may be softer, slower and more melodic, they still have that essential 'heavy' sound that comes into play before they are done. 'Limbo' utilizes synthesized guitar sounds to enhance the head-trippy mood of the song. 'Miseries of the World' is very much in the same vein as 'Limbo' if not even more melodic.

You might ask why they chose to record their music in this instrumental format. Why not add a singer and write lyrics and add another dimension to the songs? True, there may be people out there who need some lyrical content to keep their interest, but there are probably an equal number who would write off any band whose vocal style doesn't fit their favorite style. Depth of All Things have cleverly avoided any such conflicts of interest with keeping their music strictly instrumental and as a result might actually appeal to a wider audience. At least on a fundamental level this CD is straight forward, pure and simple heavy metal.

Recommended Tracks from Crawling:
-I'll Pay for this One Day
-Fame Whore (This song is another highlight. Classic groove-metal mastery on display again. They even filmed a music video for this one. Check it out!)
-Altered States
-Miseries of the World (The final track on this CD is perhaps the most melodic. Though there are a few heavy segments in this song, at the end you are left with a melancholic clean guitar sound that slowly fades out.)

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