Monday, March 10, 2014

Blog Update: Hiatus for Reader's Polls

Post # 278

My apologies for those of you who always look forward to the monthly reader's polls I've often featured. I've taken a break from posting polls since last December to allow for a busy schedule. I will soon get around to reviewing the recent poll-winners that I have fallen behind on, and once I get caught back up I will resume posting an interesting question about metal music or artists at that point.

I'll let this hiatus continue for a couple more months, but anticipate the reader's polls to resume this coming summer. Until then, enjoy the blog posts and reviews I have planned. Several requested reviews from independent artists across the globe are in progress, and they should keep you intrigued about discovering new and different metal music for the near future.

Have patience, and the reader's polls will return in due time. Until then, Happy Headbanging!

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