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Dark Entropy- 2014 Demos (plus new recording 'Crucifixation')

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Dark Entropy are a thrash metal band from Chicago. They've been writing, recording, and performing in the greater-Chicago area since 2011. The founding members of guitarist Matt Schering and drummer Richard Spoo have persevered through a couple line-up changes since then, keeping their vision of thrash-centric heavy metal alive. Their current line-up includes vocalist Brandon Castaneda and bassist Chico Weeks. You can catch their live performances around Chicago and the neighboring suburbs this summer-follow their facebook page for dates and venues...

Their formula is strongly influenced by the classic thrash era: Anthrax, Metallica, Megadeth, Testament, Slayer, Sepultura... the tonality and riff structure of their songs is unmistakably thrash. Vocals are rough-edged growls, occasionally skating on the edge of hardcore screams and guttural growls. Castaneda also employs some melodic vocal passages. The melodic vocals are a decent change of pace but the aggressive vocal style is certainly the singer's comfort zone. The guitar solos are on par with classic thrash metal in technique, and provide the artistic highlight on several of their songs.

Now for an overview of the demos they recorded recently. If you do make it to a show, then you are bound to hear at least a couple of these tracks (which can also be streamed in their entirety on the previously mentioned facebook page.)

FEAR I said Dark Entropy were thrash metal, and that's exactly what you'll get with this number. A mid-tempo thrasher with a couple segments of double-time feel, hardcore vocals, sparing amounts of both melodic singing and darker, black-metal style screams.

Dying to go Insane Another great example of  Dark Entropy's thrash abilities, with a little something different. This one incorporates a touch of black-metal style vocals during the bridge and choruses.

Sins of Our Fathers  This song has an intro that reminds me of Metallica's 'That Was Just Your Life', proving yet again how true-to-form these guys are when it comes to thrash metal. This blending of rough and melodic singing continues...

Enlisted in Suicide This song is another solid thrash number. Again Dark Entropy make their influences apparent, either deliberately or subconsciously, this song has a vocal rhythm and melody that recalls the likes of Metallica's 'Phantom Lord' or Pantera's 'Primal Concrete Sledge'.

Crucifixation (2015 Single) This most-recent recording is driven by a relentless rapid-fire drum beat. This is the essence of thrash metal: killer tempos, and shredding, heavy riffs you ears can barely keep up with! This one gets my top pick for this collection of songs.

Overall I find the music of Dark Entropy filled with the promise of even better music to come as they persevere with their vision and hone their craft on Chicago's local scene and beyond. Again, visit their facebook page for tour schedule and links to these songs on Reverbnation for stream or download.

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