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It is time again to vote and decide the new Independent Band of the Year here at Check out each of the following contestants and vote for your favorite! If you have a couple you can't decide between, you do have the option of voting for more than one. When the poll closes, the band with the most votes will become the featured independent band on this site for the 2016 calendar year.

MAKESHIFT TRAGEDY (NuMetal/Post Hardcore- Indianapolis, IN)

These guys from Indianapolis are tearing things up with their modern Nu-Metal sound. A hardcore vocal style with alternative-metal elements

Check out:
Half Life Homicide

VIA (Melodic Death/Progressive Metal, New Castle, DE)

This band has a serious hardcore riff structure and a vocal repertoire to match. Primarily hardcore/death metal music and vocal styles, but they incorporate melodic elements and progressive song-structures.

Check out:
-Royal Bloodshed
-Hell's Gate

EL FAMOUS (Melodic Metalcore- Chicago, IL)

Chicago natives deliver intense, furious metalcore riffage, with technical guitar elements and a peppering of melodic vocals. Lyrics convey self-empowering themes.
Check out:

ARCANE FRAMEWORK (Melodic Metal/Alt Rock- Wauconda, IL)

A female-fronted metal band that delivers a great mix of heavy and melodic songs. Beautiful vocal qualities clash with thundering and heavy riffs broken up by melodic guitar passages.
Check out:
-Some Kind of Grace

STAND WELL AMONG GIANTS  (Electronic Post-Hardcore- Orlando, FL)

A hardcore metal band with a little something different. A melodic hardcore structure, layered throughout with electronic music elements and percussion.
Check out:
-Pluto of Jupiter

SCARS OF ARMAGEDDON (Progressive-Power/Traditional Metal- McHenry, IL)

A tight heavy metal band with a full, heavy and balanced sound. Heavy traditional metal that incorporates progressive elements. There is no shortage of technical expertise in the guitar work while the vocals remind me of a fusion of grunge and power metal.
Check out:
-Our Dying Day
-Edge of Darkness

ANCHORS OF EMPIRES (Alt. Rock/Post-Hardcore- Kenosha, WI)

A melodic metal band, with catchy hooks, melodic vocals, powerful hard rock riffs, and thrash-metal elements. These guys are poised for mainstream accessibility.
Check out:

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