Friday, August 31, 2018

Act of Destruction Podcast on TheMetalExperience - Tuesday, September 4th

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Haven't heard of Then you could be missing out on some great podcasts. This site is a Chicagoland-based online podcast site dedicated to heavy metal music, unsigned local metal bands, both those local and from around the world. They've already interviewed numerous local bands from Chicago and its suburbs, but also from across the US and the world.

Coming up next week on Tuesday September 4th, The Metal Experience's featured guest will be none other than HappyHeadbanger's own 2017-18 Independent Band of the Year: Act of Destruction! The Band have shared the location and date on their facebook page and encourage their fans to drop in and hang with them before and after the interview.

The podcast will be taped at 119 N York St in Elmhurst, IL. Curious to learn more about Act of Destruction, the band members, their influences, their personalities? Then you should follow The Metal Experience and listen to this podcast.

So mark your calendar and get to hang with the band on September 4th, or follow to listen to the interview available after September 5th!

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