Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jimi Hendrix

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In the case of legends of the magnitude of Hendrix, words will never be enough. Therefore you must listen to his music in order to get the full "Experience". However, I will offer my thoughts on the late, great Jimi...

As I was growing up, I heard occasional songs by Jimi Hendrix on the oldies radio stations my folks often listened to, most notably "Purple Haze" & "Foxy Lady". It would be many years before I would actually add some of his music to my CD collection in college. However it is never too late to get into Hendrix! His music, songs and innovative guitar techniques are timeless, and will always sound fresh & cutting-edge no matter how many times you hear them.

The only disappointing thing about Jimi is the fact that he left us way too soon. May he rest in peace. His legacy, however, is immortal. As long as there are guitars that come with amplifiers, Hendrix will always be an inspiration for every generation to come.

The best place to start with Hendrix is with "The Ultimate Experience". It's a pretty thorough collection of his best songs that will not disappoint either casual or die-hard fans. Specifically, I can recommend some favorite songs:
-Star Spangled Banner
-Purple Haze
-Hey Joe
-Little Wing
-Voodoo Child (slight return)
-Peace In Mississippi
-All Along the Watchtower
-The Wind Cries Mary

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Wild Woman said...

Can you believe that Jimi was once the opening act for The Monkees! At the time it was like putting Miley Cyrus and Slipknot on the same bill. LOL