Saturday, February 2, 2008

Recalling the Hair Metal Era Vol. 1: Britny Fox

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The "Hair-Metal" Era of the late 80's/ early 90's will always hold a special meaning for me, because this was the era when I first got into hard rock & heavy metal music. There were a ton of bands around who all seemed to have a big hit on MTV and your regular hard-rock radio station. Half a decade later, they were all nearly forgotten, and regarded as a bad fad that couldn't have ended too soon. There was never a period of rock music where guys looked more like girls than in the height of Hair-Metal.

One of these "flash-in-the-pan" bands that I happened to enjoy at the time was Britny Fox. Underneath the hairspray & glam was some good rockin' music. If you check out my recommendations at the end of this post you can judge for yourself, but for now let me get to my review of their 15 minutes of fame...

The first song of theirs I heard was "Girlschool". The video for this song got plenty of air play on MTV in '88, and myself being 13 at the time, the song appealed to me. They also had a follow-up video for "Long Way to Love". I never understood why the hair-metal bands dressed so feminine, & wore make-up & hairspray, but I always liked the music. Their 2nd album, Boys In Heat, was not as big of a hit, and didn't have as many songs that really stood out. Britny Fox really continued their decline on their 3rd effort, Bite Down Hard. Nonetheless, there are some good rock songs to be found among these albums, and I'll tell you the ones I would deem worthy of a quick download.

From their 1st album, Britny Fox:
-Long Way to Love
-Rock Revolution (if you're in a band & looking for an obscure song to cover that still rocks, try this one!)
-In America

From Boys in Heat:
-Dream On (this is NOT a cover of the Aerosmith classic)
-Angel in My Heart

From Bite Down Hard:
-Six Guns Loaded

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