Sunday, March 8, 2009

Aerosmith-Get A Grip

Post #56 Poll Winner: Favorite Aerosmith album since 1990.
In the midst of the wave of alternative-rock and grunge, Aerosmith came out with another great rock album, Get A Grip. This album featured several hit singles, most accompanied by successful MTV videos (some of which featured vocalist Steven Tyler's daughter Liv). The band seemed to carry the momentum of their last two albums, Permanent Vacation & Pump, with much consistency throughout this album.

In comparing Get A Grip with anything the band has recorded since, you (faithful readers of this blog) have decided that this one is the best. Still, I hope you all continue to follow Aerosmith and keep up with their new material as it comes out. I find them to be a very consistent band, and full of energy and the will to rock. Their longevity should serve as a testament to the world of hard-rock music that some things can still get better with age.

My recommended tracks from Get A Grip:
-Eat the Rich
-Livin' On The Edge
-Amazing (this song has alot of biographic lyrics, inspired by the band's history...)

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