Sunday, March 21, 2010

Alice In Chains-Live at Aragon Ballroom, Chicago

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Just saw Alice In Chains at the Aragon Ballroom yesterday. Venue was packed, actually too crowded for comfort if you ask me. Made it difficult to enjoy the show, or even view the band. May have gotten a better spot, but we were late arriving to the show. The music was great however. The band works well with new singer, William DuVall. Unfortunately I never got to see the original line-up live when they still had Layne, so I cannot rightly compare the two. They did pay tribute to him several times during the show. May they carry on for many more years, and hopefully, play a bigger venue next time they're in town!

From the best of my recollection, here's the setlist:
1-All Secrets Known
2-It Ain't Like That
4-Check My Brain
5-Them Bones
6-Dam That River
7-Rain When I Die
8-Your Decision
9-Got Me Wrong
10-We Die Young
11-Looking In View
14-Lesson Learned
15-Acid Bubble
16-No Excuses
17-Angry Chair
18-Man In The Box

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