Saturday, November 6, 2010

Congratulations, DEADMANSWAKE!

Post #115

In appreciation of the unprecedented and overwhelming response to the recent reader's poll, I would like to thank all of the bands who allowed me to feature them and their web page in this poll: Smash Corps, Third Law of Motion, Killcode, Skank, Sutured Psyche, Inn Cinema, and the winner: Deadmanswake!

Over the course of this blog, I've been keeping track of the reader's polls each month. Prior to this year's 2nd annual independent/myspace bands poll, the record for reader response in a poll was 56 votes. This poll has shattered that record with an amazing 1156 votes!

Same as last year, the winner will have a full-length review coming soon. However, as further thanks for all the votes & new readers brought to this blog by the poll-winner, they will soon be featured in a link on this blog for 1 year as 'Honorary Vice President'. I will also try to keep up with their scheduled shows, and mention them ahead of time here in the blog. So keep an eye out for great local shows!

Not to be overlooked, the rest of the poll contestants are likely to be reviewed at a later date. Several of them helped to make this the most competitive reader's poll yet, and a few of them had even held the lead before Deadmanswake pulled ahead at the end.

Again, thanks to all who participated, voted, & rocked out to great new music! I hope you continue to support independent music & local bands!

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