Friday, January 13, 2012

HEAVY METAL MADNESS!! (Extended Deadline: 1-15-12)

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Hello again readers!
This is just a reminder that if you would like to be eligible for prizes in the HEAVY METAL MADNESS 2012 contest, please request/submit your completed brackets by January 15th, 2012!

The contest is heating up, with the first 8 matches of the first round underway. Over 50 entries have been collected so far. At least the top 5 entries, at the end, will receive prizes in the mail after the madness is over, and Champion of Heavy Metal bands is crowned. I encourage any of you who may already have entered the contest to spread the word to family and friends this weekend, and try to pull in some more entries.

Another reminder: Don't forget that ROCK AMERICA (music memorabilia retailer), has agreed to sponsor this contest with a $20 gift card. This will be awarded to the top overall bracket prediction in a prize-package. For a sample of the kinds of products they have available, here are some examples, featuring the #2 Seeds from each quadrant of the Heavy Metal Madness Bracket:

SLAYER (#2 seed in the Classic/Thrash Metal bracket)

LED ZEPPELIN (#2 seed in the Classic Rock/Hair Metal bracket)

AVENGED SEVENFOLD (#2 seed in the Hardcore/Death/Power Metal bracket)

PEARL JAM (#2 seed in the Alternative/Grunge/Punk Rock bracket)

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