Thursday, January 26, 2012

Heavy Metal Madness:Bonus Round Summary

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On New Year's Day, the bonus round for the ongoing 'Heavy Metal Madness 2012' contest closed and the field of bands in this competition is now down to 64.

With the closing of the poll, the bands that advanced to face the #1 seeds in the four respective genre-blocks were: DANZIG, THE WHO, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, and DEATH. Respectively, voters eleminated some very talented and influentail bands: ALL THAT REMAINS, EVANESCENCE, DEEP PURPLE, and TYPE O-NEGATIVE. It should be pointed out that these results were 100% in line with the Heavy Metal Madness Selection Committee's preference, as in each case, the band that came out ranked 16th, bested the band ranked 17th. The smallest margin of victory was DANZIG over TYPE-O-NEGATIVE, where DANZIG collected a tie-breaking vote in the last hours of the polling window, making the final vote-count 20-19!

So, as we dismiss these 4 bands form this tournament, I'll leave you with a selected song or two from each. Just a reminder of the talented musicians you ultimately decided against for the chance to be crowned the "Best Heavy Metal Band" of all-time...

All That Remains:
-Hold On

-Bring Me To Life

Deep Purple:
-Smoke On The Water

Type O-Negative:
-Christian Woman

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