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Ten With Strangers-Wake Up Call (2011)

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It has been awhile since Ten With Strangers were featured in this blog's first competition of independent bands back in '09. In that time this band has seen some changes in its line-up, but with renewed commitment and diligence, they delivered their 2nd full-length, independently produced CD, 'Wake Up Call', late last year.

'Wake Up Call' is a bit of a change of pace compared to TWS's first release, Infectious from '04. Where that album came across with an almost post-grunge, alt-rock vibe Ten With Strangers have migrated to a more laid back, pop-rock style while retaining a bit of their hard-rock edge.

One element that has remained a constant for Ten With Strangers is their catchy hooks. Their new singer, Alexi Drikos, provides a melodic vocal delivery while the band gives you plenty of major-key riffs. As a whole, 'Wake Up Call' is packed with up-beat, catchy hard rock tunes and is well worth taking the time to give it a listen. The album is available to preview and download here:

Once you're there check out these tracks I recommend:
-Another Side of Me (First track is a great introduction to Ten With Stranger's new vibe; an up-beat, mid-tempo rocker with a catchy melody.)
-So Long, Goodbye (TWS step up the tempo a little on this one. Vocal melodies are so catchy, they're almost a throw-back to 80's hard rock. Still, it's enough to make this my 2nd-favorite track on the album.)
-Gotta Get Home
-Dying Young (Here's a different flavor from TWS; clean guitar begins like a ballad, though the lyrics carry themes on current, real-world issues.)
-Sometimes (Another melodic number that will have you singing along by the 2nd verse.)
-On My Knees (The album's true ballad. A soft, and beautiful love song, tempered with a blend of acoustic and electric guitars. Vocals: catchy and melodic as always!)
-Wake Up Call (The title track opens with a lead guitar melody that is soon echoed by the vocals. Choruses lift the mood higher with a powerful anthem.)
-The Survival (My favorite track from this album. This one has an element of darkness. Of all the songs collected here, this one is closest in style to their old material from Infectious, but it stands on its own, and is a great song!)

Check out Ten With Strangers on their websites:

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