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Chicago's answer for underground, sweaty hard rock, SUTURED PSYCHE, released their debut CD 'Bastard Nation' in the latter part of 2011. A few months prior to that, they had issues a 3-track EP, which contained one song that didn't make the cut for the 'Bastard Nation' release. Here, I will review both of these discs...

Beginning with the early EP, Sutured Psyche present 3 tracks that offer a sampling of their music style and diversity: The Leap, Codependent, and Steven. The Leap is perhaps Sutured Psyche's best example of fast-tempo hard n' heavy rock. This track is sure to get your adrenaline running. A lead guitar establishes the main melody of this song, and is prominent throughout.

Codependent has become a Sutured Psyche classic, at least at their live shows. Featuring a balanced mix of acoustic and electric guitars, soul-searching lyrics, and an almost Irish-drinking-song rhythm, it is one of their easiest songs to sing along with. This one has, so far, only been released on this early 3-track demo recording, though it is available to stream online at their Reverbnation page.

Steven rocks with a significantly darker vibe, and again fuses clean guitar melodies with heavier riffs during the choruses. Switching back and forth throughout, this contrast makes Steven a very memorable song. Personally, I call this my favorite Sutured Psyche song. Check it out and see if you agree: Sutured Psyche-myspace page.

Now on to Bastard Nation:
With this 6-track release, you get twice as much of Sutured Psyche's self-described 'music for bastards'. In fact the title "Bastard Nation" is taken from the mutually accepted reference to their devoted following. Two tracks from the early demo appear here again, with some touch-ups on the recording: The Leap and Steven. However, the other tracks make for a well-rounded sampling of Sutured Psyche. Anyone who has attended a Sutured Psyche show will recognize their staple tracks Invocation, The Trickster-Part 1, and Clarity.

This band gives you an honest, thought-provoking, rough and raw (and often sweaty!) musical experience. The 2-guitar team of Ryan Reilly and Adrian Mann provide catchy melodies, a variety of tone, guitar solos when needed. Brian O'Callaghan gives a solid, steady bass line. Vocalist William Piamon delivers the lyrics with his full, deep voice and plenty of raw emotion. Drop by SUTURED PSYCHE's facebook page to follow their events, and get a sample of their music!

Tracks I recommend:
-The Trickster, Part 1
and of course...
-The Leap

"Maybe you will understand in forever and a day... It's never enough!"

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