Friday, March 2, 2012

Heavy Metal Madness-First Round Update (part 1)

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In the first full round of Heavy Metal Madness 2012 the action got underway in earnest. A few of the matches were predictably lop-sided, however there were a couple surprising upsets. Here's a quick breakdown of the January matches...

Metallica defeated Danzig 52-4 in the most dominating exhibition so far.

Anthrax beat Ronnie James Dio 34-23 in a closer match.

Pantera beat Queensryche handily 47-9

Iron Maiden defeated King Diamond/Mercyful Fate convincingly 49-5

Foo Fighters upset Ramones 31-26 in the closest match since the play-in round

Rage Against The Machine bested The Misfits 36-18 for the biggest upset (as The Misfits were seeded #3 in their category)

Soundgarden beat Nickelback 44-10

and Pearl Jam bested Black Flag 42-12.

As before, I will leave you a suggested track for each band eliminated at this point. The bands that were victorious advance to face a new opponent before long...


Dio-Rainbow In The Dark

Queensryche-Eyes of a Stranger

King Diamond-Abigail

Ramones-Blitzkrieg Bop

Misfits-Where Eagles Dare

Nickelback-Rock Star

Black Flag-Rise Above

There you have it. 8 more bands that YOU have decided are not worthy of the title "Best Heavy Metal Band Of All Time". If you don't think the right bands are getting enough votes, TELL YOUR FRIENDS to VOTE!

Until next time... Happy Headbanging to all!

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