Thursday, February 28, 2013


Post #232

Fist To The Sky are the new Independent Band of the Year here at, and as is traditional, I kick off the new year by reviewing their music. To start off with, I'll take a look at their 2-track EP, Down Into Hell.

For only 2 songs, this CD packs a lot of punch! The first track, 'Another Lesson Learned', shows off plenty of lead guitars and a key-changing breakdown segment. The vocal delivery is melodic singing with a slight hint of some high-pitch screams. I am reminded of Avenged Sevenfold's M. Shadows with regards to the singing style. Heavy power chords and scaled guitar riffs take turns driving the rhythm of the song.

The other song is the title track, and it steps up the intensity a bit more. The lyrics are sung much quicker during the verses on this one, and guitar leads are sometimes delivered in tandem by both guitarists, creating a layered effect. All in all, a very solid effort by a young and promising band.

Fist To The Sky will continue to be a focal point for this blog throughout 2013. They have already begun work on their next EP, and if Down Into Hell in any indication of their true potential, then we will be in for a pleasant surprise before too long! Keep checking back and watch for more content about them!

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