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Schoolcraft-Rushing Through the Sky (2012)

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Since hearing her music for the first time at Dame-Nation 2011, I have been eagerly anticipating the first solo-release from Lindsay Schoolcraft (AKA Lindz Riot, formerly of Mary and the Black Lamb). In late 2012 she released that debut, Rushing Through The Sky.

This EP is a collection of ballads that blend classical music with mainstream rock. Schoolcraft primarily composes on piano, and as such, most of these songs are piano-driven with some light percussion. Backing elements of choirs and strings may be synthetic, but help to enhance the songs' emotions and give them a fuller sound. There is one song, 'Darkness Falls', that is played on the harp, and is more of a stripped-down composition, as about 90% of the song is only the harp and Lindsay's light, lyrical soprano voice. It is rewarding for it not only shows Lindsay is a talented, multi-instrumental musician and songwriter, but it also adds a key element of variety to make this EP more interesting.

Lyrically, many songs portray the struggles of finding one's self in life. 'Masquerade' is one song I find especially moving. The lyrics weave a tale of the compromising nature of maintaining a relationship, while asking the question of when personal sacrifices become too much. The crux of the song is perhaps best summed up in the line, "For you, I'd give anything, but not the last of me..." That is the true challenge in music: conveying the emotion felt by the composer through the music they write. In that regard, Rushing Through The Sky is a shining success. Each composition is a tiny window into another facet of the musician's soul. It is impossible to listen to these songs and not feel like you know and understand Schoolcraft as a person, at least a little.

In summing up, Rushing Through The Sky is a great collection of symphonic-rock ballads, and highly recommended for those who enjoy the softer side of acts like Evanescence, Within Temptation or Nightwish.
It is available for purchase through several outlets found on her facebook page, including: itunes, twitter, reverbnation, soundcloud and more!

The track list (my personal favorites in bold):
-Into The Night
-Your Mind
-December Rain
-You Forever
-Darkness Falls
-December Rain (Instrumental mix)

You can also stream the album here: 

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